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Queue Management System

Smart-Q is an integrated token management application developed in Microsoft cutting edge technology and an enterprise solution specially designed to organize and manage the customer flow in the service area, developed for organizations committed to obtain the best results in terms of efficiency, customer experience and service quality.

"Manage expectations, reduce customer wait times and improve employee efficiency"

Managing a waiting customer is a vital element for businesses, especially for businesses like retail, banking, healthcare, quick serving restaurants etc, where waiting time is high. Excessive queuing and waiting are among the leading causes of dissatisfaction in banks, retail stores, hospitals and government institutions. The aim is to ORGANIZE, ENGAGE & MEASURE waiting and disconnected service areas and enhance customer experience at key touch points. Smart-Q integrates Appointments (online) and Walk-in customers (offline) and manages dynamically changing waiting lines efficiently influencing customers' waiting experiences. A well-managed and fair waiting environment keeps customers aware of how long it will take before they are served. Clear, honest communication eases anxiety, making customers more comfortable with their wait, and supports a more efficient and productive environment.

Main Benefits

For Organization and Employees

  • Eliminates irregular and haphazard queuing
  • Measures KPIs and drives operational efficiency
  • Optimize staff performance and productivity
  • Optimize resource allocation and respond to staff workloads
  • Cost-effective solution; centrally controllable and easy to use
  • Builds a customer centric organization
  • Enables staff to check on customer status in real time
  • Automatically sends appointment alerts to customers
  • Ensures patients reach their appointment on time
  • Enables staff to manage customer queues

For Consumers

  • Reduces customer wait time and service delivery time
  • Increases customer satisfaction with a better service quality
  • Ensures seamless customer journey and experience
  • Increases loyalty by providing customized personal service

Infrastructure Requirement

  • Internet connection (Only for online appointment)
  • PC/ Laptops/ Smartphones
  • All devices connected to the same source of Internet
  • Display unit/s (according to requirement) for digital signage
  • BLE push button (Optional)
  • Token printer

Key Features
  • Reception supports both self-service terminal and human receptionist
  • Ticket format: Token number, customer name, mobile, service reason and arrival time
  • Queue control functions includes open and close counter, prediction of waiting time accurately, call next customer, call a specific customer, transfer and add emergency walk-in costumers to a priority in the queue
  • Allows to customize your settings and integrate with different platforms
  • Scheduled appointment functions allow calling by appointment time and reporting no-show customers
  • Workforce management reports back-office work, breaks and sign-out reasons
  • Online reporting: View online agent activity, waiting time and journey mapping of customer, aggregate (department / branch / region) real-time service level and performance parameters
  • Alerts: Send online messages indicating long waiting times, long service duration, inadequate staffing levels, or any other rule-based alert to display on screen
  • Customer directions: Makes use of screens, LED signs, audio (automated voice), and SMS
  • Screen display format: Shows waiting customers, line length, waiting time, multiple services and messages, along with complete digital signage functionality
  • Scalable to any number of branches, departments, lines and agents
  • Designed to operate in non-stop environment
  • Low operating cost
  • Easy availability of components on regular basis
  • Easy serviceability and maintenance
Use Case Scenarios for Sectors

Hospitals & Clinics

Organize and manage patient flow effectively and make the OPD visit experience comfortable and convenient for your patients.

The system takes care of all touch points in the patient’s journey right from booking an appointment remotely or walk-in for registration to arranging follow-up appointments before leaving.

Banks & Financial Institutions

Allows customers to maintain their position in queue to avail services, without having to stand in lines.

It helps route traffic and customer flow within a branch.

Historical and real-time data analysis helps predict arrivals and add/ reduce counters, keeping utilization levels optimum without compromising service quality.

Telecom Service Providers

Monitor customers served and control wait times. Bring order, efficacy and agility.

Assists a center to monitor the number of people served on a daily basis while keeping statistics of how long these customers had to wait to be served.

The accurate and measurable data helps to bring order, efficiency and comfort to customers as well as counter staff.

Government Offices

A cost-effective way to maintain customer flow and routing.

The guided displays help people visiting an office to quickly get to the respective counters and bring down the stress levels and time spent searching for the needed helpdesk.

The system enhances the overall look and feel of the office. Helps provide a more relaxed and less chaotic atmosphere.


Control the crowd at the counters and create happy customers by leveraging technology.

After making an order the customer is supplied with a token number.

The displays show the numbers that are ready to be served and hence customers can wait comfortably in their seats and can receive notification on their mobiles when ready to be served.